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时间:2022-01-06 12:00

Construction of new cement production line

Beijing HENSON Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is an international engineering company with general contracting of project consulting, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, engineering supervision, commissioning service, personnel training and after-sales service. It has strong competitiveness and system integration in the core links such as equipment R & D, engineering design and engineering management, and has obvious advantages in quality, construction period and cost. It has the right of foreign operation, import and export.

The company can provide customers at home and abroad with services and solutions such as new line construction of complete cement production line, construction of cement grinding station, overall technical transformation of old plants, waste heat power generation, production increase of some workshops, consumption reduction, environmental protection transformation, production contracting and technical support in a variety of modes.

The company has perfect project supervision, project management, project assessment, project reward and punishment mechanisms and systems, which effectively improves the project implementation efficiency and reduces the project risk.

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