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时间:2022-01-06 14:19

Upgrade renovation for VRM system

Beijing HENSON Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the upgrading renovation for VRM system. The upgraded VRM have the following characteristics:

1) Widely used for grinding raw meal, cement, metallurgical slag, coal, petroleum coke, limestone, refractory, various metals and metal beneficiation tailings.

2) Grind materials with high moisture content.

3) The flat cone roller grinding structure realizes the gradual meshing of materials, making the grinding efficient, stable and reliable.

4) The bearing of the powder concentrator has a cold air self-priming cooling device, which greatly prolongs the service life of the bearing of the powder concentrator.

5) The grinding rollers are loaded independently and do not affect each other to effectively suppress vibration.

6) The external concentrator (SOS) can be adopted, which can effectively reduce the unit power consumption of cement raw meal and clinker system, and also realize the final grinding of metal and non-metal ores.

7) The reasonable speed difference between the grinding roller and the grinding disc makes the wet sticky materials not stick to the roller.

8) One machine can be used for multiple purposes. In the grinding process, the product variety can be switched without shutdown, and the switching of different materials can also be realized.

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